How do I Overcome the Feeling of Insecurity During a Couples Massage?

When going for your massage, you may feel some niggling instincts telling you that you’ll not be completely safe during the massage or that your body has so many imperfections. Carrying these fears into the massage room will not only make you uneasy throughout the massage but will also lower the benefits you’ll get from the massage. Here are some common insecurities during a massage and how you can overcome them:

Will I Be Judged by My Looks?

When going to the spa for your couples the massage, your therapist will consider your medical history, physical outlook, and your needs as well. This is why you are required to fill in a form at the reception indicating some of the above details and respond to some of the questions orally. Please note that this information is not to shame you, the massage therapist simply wants to customize your massage appointment to meet your needs.

For instance, if you are tall, thick, or have any form of deformity, he will find a way to make the massage as comfortable as possible.

Now to the main concern… Will the massage therapist judge you by how your body looks? Absolutely not! A professional massage therapist who has been in business for long has worked with big, thick, thin, people of uneven complexion, and those with deformities, among others. He has massaged people with deep scars that resulted in past injuries and others will all forms of imperfections. Whatever you may be suffering from, the massage therapist may have seen it before.

Worrying about how you look will deny you the chance to get full benefits from the massage.

Should I Talk or Remain Quiet During the Massage?

The only time you are expected to disclose some personal information during a couples massage is when filling in your intake form. Once you get to the massage room, you have a right to either remain quiet throughout the massage or engage your partner or the massage therapist in a conversation.

Being a professional, the massage therapist will go by your choice. If you want to take, he will respond appropriately and if you simply want to enjoy the moment in silence, he will gladly oblige. The massage therapist may occasionally as if the pressure is too little or too much or ask you to change your position.

What Happens When I Fart?

For the time the massage spa has been in operation, the massage therapist has massage people with different body odors, some sweet and others sweaty. However, for your comfort during the massage, you should take a shower before your massage and use the restroom. This way, you’ll be more relaxed knowing the therapist is working on a clean body.

As the massage therapist uses different techniques on your body, it is normal to let out gas in the process. Farting a natural response to the ongoing relaxation and the massage therapist will not get offended. To minimize the risk of farting, avoid taking heavy meals a few hours before the massage. if you must eat, take something light and preserve the heavy meal until after your massage.